Recent Publications

Tracing a Plan in Kreyòl

Writer and literary critic Édouard Glissant described creolization as an open process with unfixed outcomes, characterized by a dialectic between oral and written discourses. Kreyòl architecture, like that of a house in Leyogàn, results from such a dialectic process. In the narrative to follow, dialogue and images are transmitted through the hand-drawn plan into a Kreyòl architecture resultant from transnational encounters of people, technology, and media. 

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Damage & Repair: Imagining collective dwelling in rural Haiti

In 1994 the Haitian urbanism research group Centre de recherches urbaines-travaux(CRUT) visualized a collective form to resist the oppressive structures of a neoliberal world order. The Workers Repatriation Center of Haiti (WRCH) proposed by CRUT centered the communal relationships between people and homeland, which are a profound aspect of Haitian identity demonstrated in the history of the lakou system.

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Recent Events

August 5, 2022:
Refleskyon sou istwa achitekti Ayisyen | Réflection sur l’histoire de l’architecture Haïtienne

Public presentation at Centre International de Documentation et d'Information Haitienne,
Caribéenne et Afro-canadienne
in Montreal and online for participants in Haiti on the emerging historiography of Haitian architecture including the introduction of materials uncovered during summer research. 


August 4, 2022:
Lakay se Lakay: Transnational Architectures of Belonging 

Public presentation of preliminary findings as a CCA Research Fellow. As a fellow, conducted research exploring the intimate construction—physical and conceptual—of domestic environments in Haiti and among the Haitian diaspora through the frame of lakay as a discursive and conditional index of belonging based in the relationships between people, place, and memory.


September 24, 2021:
Translating Haiti: On the Academic Job Market

The second event in the Emerging Scholars’ Translating Haiti mentorship series, this event featured a conversation among recently hired scholars from various disciplines and backgrounds discussing how they translated their Haitian studies research for the job market.


April 14, 2021:
Rasanblaj as Methodology: Investigating Kreyòl architectures

On the “Rethinking Evidence” panel at the Society for Architectural Historians virtual conference, presented a paper reflecting on the implications and challenges of using rasanblaj as a methodology for researching the social practice of architecture.

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